How To Get The True Home Business Opportunity Online Shopping With My Power Mall

It is an amazing concept that you can have your own home business opportunity online shopping mall up and running in just minutes. Within this mall, there are thousands of products that you will find. This includes large name brands and retail stores to small stores that are specific in nature. But how do you benefit from this?

My Power Mall is a win-win situation for everyone that joins. Right off the bat you will find that it is free to join and have your very own ready-made shopping outlet; you are already starting with a positive. Once you join, you can instantly access and begin shopping through your own mall.

As mentioned, there is a wide variety of stores and products to shop for. The next way you will benefit from this home business opportunity is by receiving numerous discounts. You can save money by buying online and then receiving a discount ranging from 2%-10% typically.

While this is nice, it still requires you to purchase items to benefit. Where this opportunity really benefits you is by you signing up others. By getting family members and friends to join, you will begin to earn a part of their rebate for whatever purchases they make. You can earn a portion of rebates up to nine levels deep from people you get to join.

Now you are probably thinking in your head that this is an MLM or pyramid type of scheme. This is solely a new online shopping rebate system that you can earn money through others’ purchases as well as earn rebates through your own purchases. You are never asked to pay for anything such as a start-up fee or a monthly membership. And none of your sales go to people higher than you in the program. You receive a portion of the rebate from all people you sign up.

It may seem far-fetched to think that you could truly make money off of a program like My Power Mall. However, you have to think of it as a way to save money on purchases you would have already made anyway. As I write this, the company is expanding and beginning to include more and more products. And soon, there will be a way to shop for groceries online and save money. Therefore, this is a program that everyone can use in some way or another.

Because of this fact alone, it is worth the FREE membership to join. Even if you decide not to promote it, you can still use it to save money. But there is great money to be made if you promote My Power Mall appropriately.