Small Online Business and Family – Making it All Work

When you decide that running a small online business would be right for you have you also thought if it would be compatible with also having to raise a family at the same time. You probably decided if you have small children that it would be easiest to run your small online business out of your home if possible. Well some of the ways to help make it easier is if you have an infant baby at home to raise try to keep him on a schedule that would work for the both of you. If you stay with that schedule every day you will then know the best times you will be able to work. Your baby will start a routine of when he will sleep and need to be nursed. When you start to see his schedule on sleeping you then can devote those hours to working at your small online business. If you have school aged children you should plan them activities when they come home from school. They will probably have homework to do.

The best time to do that would be right after school. When they come home and want to play first thing you will have a hard time getting them to do their homework later. Then that will frustrate you and your child. You will probably end up in a argument with your child over it . You will then get stressed out because you see you have a deadline to meet for your small online business and are so stressed you have fallen behind in your work. Lord knows raising a family alone is difficult enough so when you are trying to work from home it can be a disaster if you don’t plan a schedule every day for yourself and your children. Now if you are the wife running the small online business you know you actually have 2 or 3 jobs at the same time. You know that the clothes need to be done,the dishes need washed,the floors need swept and mopped, dinner needs to be cooked. The list goes on and on. Know you are not magic and can’t take on the world by yourself. If your children are old enough give them some chores around the house to do. When your husband comes home from work try to get him to help with something small around the house. You know he wouldn’t want to wash a dish or clean a bathroom but maybe get him to look over the kids homework.

Make sure that everything looks OK on your child’s homework. If it’s not you can get your husband to help your child with a subject he may not quite understand. This will also give them quality time together. When you try to keep things in prospective you will see that running a small online business in your home is the right thing for you to do. You will know you have accomplished a lot at the end of each day and your children and your husband will be very proud of all the work you have done to help the family. The extra income from running your small online business will be worth it at the end of the day if you remember to ask for help from your family. You have to have some relaxation time for yourself or you will be so exhausted you will regret trying to handle a small online business out of your home. And you know you put a lot of hard work in preparing to do this so you need to make it work for you. Good luck and you know you are a winner. You can do it you can raise a family and run a small online business. What an accomplishment.